10 Best Electric Snow Blower Reviews for This Winter Season

The winter months are coming around and you know that clearing your driveway with a shovel may not be tenable any more – snowfall has become heavier and heavier in recent years. It may be time to invest in an electric snow blower. This is a machine that will come in handy any time you want to clear your driveway – it works fast and it is easy to use, leaving your entryway and driveway clear of snow. There are many different types of electric snow blowers in the market and the one that you choose will be determined by your needs.

As you look around for a snow blower you will come across gas snow blowers and you may wonder what the difference is and which one would work best for your driveway. Gas snow blowers work more or less the way electric snow blowers do, the chief difference being that they use gas instead of electricity. The other main difference between electric and gas snow blowers is that gas are better if you have a long driveway – you will not have to worry about how far the cable on your blower can go. There are other differences between the two types, but we will look at them later on in the article. For now, let us look at a summary of the 10 best electric snow blowers in the market and their main features.


Clearing width and Depth

Throw Distance



​21 inches, 10 inches per pass

​35 ft

​High-efficiency brushless motor

​18 inches, 12 inches per pass

​30 ft

​15 amp electric motor

​18 inches, 8 inches per pass

​20 ft

​Powerful 500 W brushless motor

​18 inches, 10 inches per pass

​20 ft

​Powerful 13.5-amp motor

​12 inches, 6 inches per pass

​20 ft

​Series-wound 7.5 amp motor

​20 inches, 10 inches per pass

​20 ft

​13 amp motor

​18 inches, 7.8 inches per pass

​20 ft

​13.5 amp motor

​16 inches, 8 inches per pass

​30 ft

​12 amp motor

​18 inches, 11 inches per pass

​30 ft

​12 amp motor

​16 inches, 6 inches per pass

​20 ft

​15 amp motor

What should you consider when choosing an electric snow blower?

While this table gives you a pretty good idea of the best models in the market and how much they cost it doesn’t tell you very much about what you ought to be thinking about as you choose an electric snow blower. It may all sound very complicated especially if you start to think about things like amps, clearing depth and width and so on. It doesn’t have to be. If you are new to electric snow blowers (or throwers as they are often called) there are only a few factors to take into account as you make your choice:

  • ​How much snow will you get with each sweep?
  • ​How much ground are you able to cover?
  • ​How far can the blower throw the snow?
  • ​How easy to use is the snow blower?

Let us look at each of these considerations so that you know exactly what to take into account.

How much snow will you get with each sweep?

This has to do with the width and depth of snow that you are able to get every time you run the blower over the snow just once. The wider the snow blower, the better – it means that you can clear your driveway in a much shorter time. The depth is also important. If, for example, you have a snow blower that can only go 6 inches into a snow pile and your driveway has more than 10 inches of snow to clear it means that you will have to go over the whole area twice before you can reach the paving stones and make the driveway safe. You may want to think about the average depth of snow that you get in your area every winter before you go shopping for a snow blower.

How much ground are you able to cover?

While the terms snow blower and snow thrower are sometimes used interchangeably, they are different when it comes to how much ground each one can cover. A small area, such as a porch or an entryway is best cleared using an electric snow thrower. If, however, you are covering a bigger area such as an entire driveway then you will get the job done better and faster using a snow blower. If you have a lot of ground to cover the best investment for you would be a cordless electric snow blower – you don’t have to worry about how far the electric cord can go. That said, you can still uses a corded one and add an extension cable, but be prepared to handle a few inconveniences along the way.

How far does the blower throw?

This matters because if you have a blower that throws snow only a few feet you aren’t doing much – the snow will end up more or less where it started. The farther a blower or throw can throw the better, but take your neighbors into account as you think about this particular quality because you don’t want to be blowing snow into their yard.

How easy to use is the snow blower?


This is important – the winter months are cold and energy is low and the last thing you want is a snow blower that requires lots of effort to run. Most of the snow blowers listed here are winners partly because of their ease of use – all you need to do is turn them and they will do the rest. Some, like the WEN 5662 Snow Thrower, is great for use even by the elderly as it requires minimum effort to run. The TORO 1800 is heavier and will require that you put your back into it a bit to get your driveway cleared. Bottom line when it comes to ease of use – consider who will be clearing the driveway most often and then choose a model that they will find easy to use.

Electric vs. gas snow blowers – which one is better?


We mentioned at the beginning that the main difference between these two types of snow blowers is how they are powered and the fact that electric is corded, but there are other important differences that are worth thinking about.

The first is that gas snow blowers are generally easier to maneuver. There is a misconception that the smaller a snow blower is the easier it is to push over a driveway but this is not true. Generally, gas snow blowers tend to be easier to move around and some even have a self-propelling mechanism. Another important difference is that gas blowers will do better for large swathes of snow. For most people, however, all they need to do is clear snow off their driveway and that is why electric snow throwers come in handy. Electric snow blowers have another benefit – they are much easier to maintain than gas ones. You will not have to worry about buy gasoline, changing spark plugs, oil changes and such. So long as you keep your snow blower clean when time comes to use it all you need to do is plug it in and you are good to go.

 As for cost, you will find that electric snow blowers will generally cost less than gas models – the most expensive will cost about $800. Gas snow blowers generally start from around $300 for a good brand with the most expensive coming in at more than $3,000. When you consider that on top of the initial cost you will also have to buy gas for your blower and give it constant maintenance you find that you are much better off with an electric model.

A few things you need to know about electric snow blowers…

Buying an electric snow blower may sound easy enough – if it is affordable, easy to operate and works fast then it should get the job done. While all these things are true there are a few other things that you ought to know before you shop.            

Shopping for a snow blower early is important if you are keen on getting a good deal. They tend to be cheaper before 1st of October. If you wait until smack in the middle of winter you can expect to pay top dollar.

The gradient of your driveway also matters. If you have a very steep one and you buy an ordinary electric snow blower it will not last very long as the blades will keep coming in contact with the asphalt. You should also look at the type of material the chute of the snow blower is made out of. Plastic chutes tend to work better because snow doesn’t stick to the sides.

Best electric snow blower $300 - $700

In this category there are some brands that emerge as obvious winners – if you buy a snow blower from Toro, Snow Joe, YardMax, Power Smart or Poulan you will have a good machine to clear your yard in the coming winter but the one we find offers best value for money is the Ego 56-Volt Lithium-Ion Electric Snow Blower, SNT2102.

Top Features

  • ​It is built for wet, heavy snow
  • ​You get a cordless electric snow blower for easy clearing
  • ​You can adjust snow-throw distance
  • check
    ​It comes with LED lights for night and early morning snow clearance
  • check
    ​It comes with Rapid Charge batteries – you can get full charge in 40 minutes.


  • ​At 10 inches per pass this snow blower is great for clearing deeper snows.
  • ​21 inches clearing width allows you to clear snow fast.
  • ​You can swivel the snow chute allowing you to throw snow in whatever direction you want.
  • check
    ​You get the same functionality as you would from some of the most expensive gas models in the market.
  • check
    ​Best of all, you get a 5 year warranty from the manufacturer.


  • ​The most obvious con of this model is that it comes with a replaceable rubber blade which tells you that sometime in the future you will need to replace it.
  • ​Although it can clear as well as some gas blowers it doesn’t quite pack the same amount of power.
  • ​If you are keen to throw snow really far you may not like this model very much.

Bottom line

If you are looking for an electric snow blower that will get the job done time and time again while offering durability and ease of use this one is definitely one of the best. True, it will cost you quite a bit but when you consider the warranty it is worth every penny.

Best electric snow blower $100 - $200

In this category the best snow blower is the Greenworks 2600202 Snow Thrower. It has a very sturdy make and around $150 it definitely offers value for money.

Top Features

  • ​13 amp motor
  • ​Rotational chute to throw snow in different directions
  • ​You can throw snow up to 20 ft.
  • check
    ​It has folding handles
  • check
    ​You get an LED light for early morning snow clearing


  • ​It is lightweight – just 32 lbs – making it perfect for children and the elderly.
  • ​It can clear 20 inches of path at a time.
  • ​It requires almost no maintenance – clean and stash away after every use.
  • check
    ​It is very quiet (makes no more noise than a vacuum cleaner).


  • ​Some users complain that although this unit delivers excellent performance it has too many plastic parts which doesn’t speak well for durability.
  • ​If you buy one with an extension cord you will pay more, and the original blower itself only comes with 50 ft of cord.

Bottom line

When you consider that this particular brand retails for less than $200 you can understand why it comes with a few plastic parts. That said, it is still an excellent snow blower – it may not last for years to come but it will help you clear snow fast and with ease for the next few winters.

Best electric snow blower less than $100

Here, the Earthwise Electric Corded Snow Shovel gets 4/5 stars on Amazon with many users surprised that at this price point they were able to get such a useful gadget.

Top Features

  • ​12 amp motor
  • ​Can clear 16 inches in width and go 8 inches deep
  • ​It can throw snow up to 3 feet away
  • check
    ​You get a 2 year warranty


  • ​The best thing about the Earthwise Electric Corded Snow Shovel is that it is lightweight and therefore very easy to use.
  • ​The support handle can be adjusted to suit people of different height.
  • ​It comes with an LED light for clearance in the dark.
  • check
    ​It is easy to operate on hard surfaces.
  • check
    ​Some users feel that it could do with larger wheels


  • ​Some users feel that it could do with larger wheels
  • ​Once the battery is in the unit becomes top-heavy and tips over
  • ​It cannot be used to clear huge piles of snow.

Bottom line

Considering that you will spend less than $100 for this one you are getting excellent value. Most users are very happy about how it works and its durability. The company is also responsive to customer queries.


Even with a pretty small budget you can get an electric snow blower that will last a while and get the job done every time. You however have to be careful when you’re choosing – every blower or thrower comes with different features so consider what you are looking for, as well as the physical features of your lawn and the typical snowfall in your area before you buy.

If you are prepared to spend more than $500 on electric snow blowers you should be looking at brands like Toro, Snow Joe, YardMax and Power Smart. Other manufacturers like Earthwise, Greenworks and Ego also deliver top of the range electric snow blowers and have budget friendly prices. Make sure that you get a good warranty with your purchase. For long driveways you will do better with a gas snow blower.

  • October 18, 2018
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