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Best Essential Oils for Ear Infection: Cure Ear Irritation! (Updated 2018)

Hear Better: The Best Essential Oils for Ear Infection 2018

Best Essential Oils for Ear Infection

If you notice that your ear is ringing then it could possibly mean that it’s actually something important (Sorry ladies, we ‘can’ be annoying sometimes.)

And when I say important, it means it could be a viral infection! So, let’s get that checked out ASAP.

In this article, we’ll cover the best essential oils to use for ear infections as well as other tips to naturally cure ailments of the ear.

Let’s dive right into it!

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Best Oil For Ear Infection

The Best Essential Oils For Ear Infections

All Stuffy Ear Infection Remedy is an essential oil blend made purely of 100% organic, natural, and high quality essential oils that are safe to be used for all ages.

It delivers a powerful and effective relief from an ear infection pain. As further proof, this blend can sometimes completely clearing an ear infection in as fast as one day.

It is easy to use since it comes in a no-mess spray applicator, which also makes this very portable.

This product can be used anytime and anywhere without causing concern for you or your child’s safety and the product’s efficiency.

It is very effective due to the anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties of peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils.

HealthInside has created a natural ear oil drop that has been formulated to provide maximum protection when treating ear pain and ear infections.

It also acts as a preventative treatment to the ear and ear canal.

It is made from a combination of pure olive oil, garlic oil, and lavender essential oil in an amber brown glass jar that has a glass dropper with rubber screw on lid.

Which effectively protects against infiltration of light which is able to keep the oil fresh and effective.

As an ear infection treatment, it is ideal for minor ear aches and pains or ear infections.

Moreover, this essential oil requires only a few drops due to the anti-inflammatory and antibacterial organic essential oils and extracts.

For the ideal pain treatment, adults should insert four drops twice a day into the ear canal while infants should only have one drop three times a day.

The preventative treatment needed for adults only requires two drops a day which will keep your ears healthy and clear.

It is important to plug the ear with cotton for ten minutes and remove the padding once it is done.

This Tea Tree Essential Oil is part of First Botany Cosmaceutical’s Gold series of oils and is made from the highest quality of Tea Tree oil and 45% of Terpinen.

Since this is naturally antiseptic and analgesic, it can quickly remove pain felt from ear infection.

This Tea Tree Essential Oil is a pure and all-natural, unadulterated, undiluted, and untainted essential oil, which ensures that the efficiency of this product is kept intact.

It is a purified product of steam distilled fresh leaves, there are no toxins, additives, and preservatives added. Moreover, this product might be costly, but it serves several different purposes.

The Invivo Essential Tea Tree Oil Premium Therapeutic Grade 4 Ounce Essential Oil is another essential oil that is ideal for treating ear infections.

It comes in an amber glass bottle with a free dropper and phenolic lid that will protect the oil from the UV rays of the sun.

Owners firmly believe in their product as they have included a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty and satisfaction guarantee.

This product is filled with key vitamins and nutrients and it is made from the all-natural Melaleuca Alternifolia which is powerful and potent, but it should only be used externally.

It is a great and gentle plant based essential oil that has antiseptic properties, which can be used to effectively treat wounds and infections.

Garlic and Mullein herbal ear oil will help in destroying any bacteria that is present in the ear and it eliminates the pain as it has anti-inflammatory properties.

It is made from a proprietary blend of mullein, calendula and St. John’s Wort flower extracts, and garlic bulb extract which has been extracted into a certified organic cold-pressed Olive oil.

Garlic Mullein drops are extremely effective against ear infection as it can also be used to prevent an earache from turning into an ear infection.

In addition to the quality products used by Herb Pharm, each herb has been individually extracted to ensure a broad spectrum of plant compounds.

The Hear No Evil Ear Drop is a powerful ear drops blend, whose combination can be used around or in the ears to provide a quick relief.

It is a gentle organic herbal formula that helps relieve symptoms of fever, pain, irritability and sleeplessness associated with earaches without any known side effects.

TriLight Health also uses a 3 stage Liquid Light Process which features a 14 day cold extraction which produces an effective assimilation rate of up to 98%.

In addition to this, the user can use it by placing 1 to 2 drops of this product inside the ear or massaging 2 to 3 drops of the Hear No Evil Drops around the ears.

Another natural product that is efficiently used to cure ear infection is Wally’s Natural Product Organic Ear Oil.

It contains a unique blend of garlic oil, tea tree oil, and mullein extract which has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

It is formulated to help keep your ears healthy and comfortable ears, as this is the perfect solution to soothe your ear sensitivity. It can effectively minimize the symptoms caused by ear infections.

Getting To Know Your Essential Oils for Ear Irritation

Before you break open your medicine cabinet and pop a pain reliever, you can check your pantry or beauty cabinet first. There might be an essential oil that can naturally cure your ear infection.

Let’s not waste money on something which can be prevented, instead use it on something that really matters like paying the bills, rent, or ice cream.

You may refer to the list down below:

Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender essential oils produce a calming effect on a person which helps relax the nervous system which helps in reducing cases of nerve exhaustion. This will help reduce cases of ear infections as it helps in relieving nervous tension and stress. 

Lavender is also effective in reducing muscle tension and pain due to its analgesic property.


Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Essential Oils have powerful antiseptic properties which can be effectively used to naturally treat wounds and infections.

When it comes to using tea tree oils, you should only use a few drops and you can opt to apply it with a few teaspoon of coconut oil. It should be rubbed around the ear, but avoid applying it in the ear.

Tree tea

Garlic Oil

Garlic oil is very effective against ear infections and it is easily accessible. It has natural antiviral properties. A few warm drops of garlic oil in the ear will be an effective treatment due to the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects of garlic oil. 

It is also effective in fighting toothaches and other body pains. However, garlic has a very strong scent that most people dislike.

Garlic Oil

Oregano Essential Oil

Oregano is also effective in fighting pain and infections, which is why it is great to use when you begin to feel pain around the ear area.

 However, the oregano essential oil penetrates easily and strongly into your cells, so it is better if you dilute it before applying to the affected area. This is important as the ear area is a very sensitive body part.


Basil Essential Oil

Basils have an antiviral, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial property. It is also a well-known muscle relaxant and it can effectively treat ear infections when used properly.

The holy basil essential oil can also reduce the pain that one feels due to the anti-inflammatory properties.

Plant Theraphy Basil

Thyme Essential Oil

The presence of the active compound called the thymol makes the thyme essential oil effective in combating ear infections because of the antibacterial, antimicrobial, and anti-fungal properties present.

Those who suffer from ear infections may use the thyme essential oil regularly to help clear the ear infection and relieve the pain felt by the user.


Peppermint Essential Oil

The relaxing effect of peppermint essential oil is helpful for people who suffer from ear infections. It has an effective natural painkiller since it has an analgesic property. 

It can aid in relaxing tensed muscles so that the blood circulation of the person can be easily improved. And it can also help in relieving the pain felt by the user as it has anti-inflammatory properties.


Roman Chamomile Oil

Roman Chamomiles have an analgesic and anti-neuralgic property which is proven to effective in reducing several kinds of pain which includes ear infections.

In addition to this, chamomiles are also helpful in relieving the pain felt by a person since it can calm the person and it can also help the person to sleep rather easily.

Chamomile Essential Oil

Defining The Terms: Ear Infection

During my younger years, in High School, I had an ear infection that caused me want to hide my ears out of embarrassment – I had to be absent for a couple of days, I didn’t want my crush to see there’s this thick, yellow fluid coming out.

It makes look like I don’t know personal hygiene, which I do. But why does this happen? And what annoyance is this?

Ear infection, when defined, is a bacterial infection that happens in your middle ear. You may find it just behind your eardrum.

When it happened to me, it did not only hurt my feelings, but it was literally painful as hell. That’s because it can cause inflammation.

I want you to know that there are specifically two types of ear infection – acute and chronic. I’ll start of defining acute viral infection.

Looking at it in a wider scope, they’re almost the same. Acute ear infection is still painful, but it only last for a short period of time.

On the other hand, chronic doesn’t know when to stop. He took Dory’s motto from Finding Memo, “Just Keep Swimming,” to whole new level.

In fact, since it reoccurs a lot of times, it does permanent damage to your middle and inner ear – thankfully, what I had was only acute.

Don’t worry if you have it, it’s really not that rare. There’s at least more than 75% of children who have been infected by the virus, Florida Hospital stated.

While adults do have a lesser chance of catching this ear infection, they’re still prone to it. So don’t feel relieved just yet, you may take the necessary precaution measures to prevent it.

Ways You Can Get Ear Infection

Innocent as we all are, it would be best to know the places and on how we can possibly get an ear infection. Feel free to read down below if you don’t want mucus oozing out from your ear…it smells.

Exposure to Infection

We all know that everyone wants to take a dip into the pool once in a while, it’s stress-relieving and it’s a great way to bond with friends and family.

It wouldn’t be so great though if you were to catch one in the swimming pool! You’re more susceptible of having ear infection if you go out and expose yourself in public places – yes, it’s like being punished for socializing.

Colds, Sinus Infection, Excess Mucus

You know those annoying ringing you hear from your ears? The ones that make you think for a split second that there’s a bomb in the vicinity? (I don’t know is you think that way, maybe it’s just me.)

Well, it must be because you have cough and colds. You’re more prone ear buzz because your middle ear is connected to the upper respiratory tract through a tiny channel known as the Eustachian tube.

Usage of Antibiotics

Better seek advice form a professional before using antibiotics as it disrupts the gut flora in our bodies, which is where 75 to 80% of our immune cells reside.

This makes us likely to experience ear infections. Antibiotics are not always effective as what most people would give credit for, refrain putting antibiotics into your system.

Food Allergies

Milk is an absolute favorite of mine. In fact, I’ve been drinking milk from a unique container during the first few months of my life, it comes with an exclusive handle, too.

But that’s not what I’m talking about, I’m talking about by eating gluten, dairy, soy, or nuts can possibly cause your ear if you have food allergies.

The correlation between food allergies and bacterial infection has often been noted as a common factor of recurring ear infections.

Pressure Changes

If you’ve ever ridden an airplane, then that’s one example. But it’s okay, because the pain is only temporary. It’s nothing to get worked up about – unless you’re going to outer space, then it’s a different story.

Conditions that relate ear discomfort to pressure or altitude changes is called ear barotraumas. This occurs when the Eustachian tube is blocked and this can result to an uncomfortable pressure that is usually felt inside the ear.

Being Ear-rresistibly Well-Groomed

Sorry for the subheading, I always wanted to say it. One step closer to finishing my bucket list for this year.

Now, as I was saying, there are ways wherein you can prevent it from happening. And be a perfect example of a person who follows good hygiene.

Everybody wants a well-groomed man, right ladies?

I’ve enumerated some things that will not only prevent you from infections, but also be Ear-rresistibly Well-groomed.

(Sorry, that’s the last one.)

Diet Changes

Improve your DietSince food allergies has established a connection with ear infections, it is important to make changes to your diets.

You should limit eating gluten, dairy, soy, or nuts. Reducing your sugar intake can also decrease the chances of contracting an ear infection.

Since a person’s diet can affect the gravity of a viral infection, the patient who suffers from the same recurring concern should be conscious about the food that they consume.

Maintain Good Hygiene

Unhygienic hands can also expose you to infections, especially when your ears are in contact with your hands – who knows what you have been with it. If you know what I mean.

It usually happens when water, sand, dirt, or other debris gets into the ear canal. So, take care of your ears at all costs, we use it to listen to sappy love songs.

Avoid Smoking

SmokingSmoking can cause coughs which can trigger ear infections. Staying away from tobacco can improve several health problems and it can also eliminate ear pain that is caused by coughing.

It can easily harm your sinus which may be the grounds of pain along the area. When a smoker gradually reduces smoking, there’s noticeable changes of your ear.

If possible, it is best to avoid exposure to secondhand cigarette smoke.

And I just want to add, smoking isn’t really healthy. Maybe because, I don’t know, it has killed nearly 6 million people annually.

And it’s not as if Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has written down the statistics.

Symptoms You May Encounter

I think everyone would get the message if their ears were infected. The pain isn’t something anyone can overlook, even if they tried.

But just to be sure, here’s the list of symptoms you may experience if in case you want to identify it the virus better.

  • check
    Ear pain
  • check
    Difficulty hearing
  • check
    Trouble sleeping
  • check
    Loss of appetite
  • check
    Ear may feel clogged up
  • check
    Ringing in ears
  • check
  • check
  • check
  • check
    Balance Problems
  • check
    Nausea and/or vomiting

What Does It All Mean?

Our ears might be a small part of our body, but it’s quite sensitive. Constant ear infections can cost us our sense of hearing, and it should be treated as quickly as possible.

Since antibiotics are not recommended to cure ear infections, it is better if we resort to natural remedies such as essential oils as they are also able to aid us in relieving the pain.

Generally, ears are important, as what you might’ve already known. But we continue to abuse our ears anyways.

Seriously, I can’t imagine life without the ability to hear. I use my ears for a lot of reasons – eavesdropping, listening to obnoxiously loud rock bands, listening to cheesy lines from The Notebook, and a whole lot more.

I decided to research more about it after I got infected, and essential oils have found to be extremely effective against it. Recently, I found a useful YouTube video about treating ear infections.

The person who starred in the video is Dr. Josh Axe, who has over half a million subscribers on his channel. He has quite a record for a Certified Nutrition Specialist. Feel free to check on his works.