Quick Fix! The Best Essential Oils For Hemorrhoids

Best Essential Oils For Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids – the meaning of the world itself isn’t at all pretty. If you’ve experienced it before, then you’d first-handedly know what that it’s nasty.

I mean, having the urge to constantly itch your “behind” in public isn’t so diplomatic. However, with the use of the best essential oils, you’ll be able to prevent it!

For students, it amazingly happens the morning when they’re about to leave for school. And since we care about your children’s grades, here’s how to treat it!

This article lets you browse around for the best essential oils for hemorrhoids plus a few information and application tips and tricks.

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    Eases muscles and tissue
  • check
    Renowned wound oil
  • check
    Safe and gentle
Best Essential Oil For Hemorrhoids

The Best Essential Oils For Hemorrhoids for 2018

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Cypress oils are known to be an asset in treating hemorrhoids. NOW Foods has created a product that’s capable of stopping the bleeding on hemorrhoids as it is able to cause the blood vessels to heal and bond.

In this case, aids in healing the sores.

I personally love this brand because I’m able to save on money – it’s cheap and it works!



  • check
    Eases muscles and tissue
  • check
    Renowned wound oil
  • check
    Safe and Gentle


  • It has a weak scent

Geranium is an extremely powerful oil that can cure wounds efficiently.

This aids in stopping the bleeding, and is intended for a fast recovery.

The real secret behind Geranium is that it can numb the nerves and inflammation is being restricted.



  • check
    100% Pure Pelargonium
  • check
    Purifying, soothing, normalizing
  • check
    Powerful Wound Cure


  • Its smell may be too strong for some users

This can be applied directly to the inflamed area, and it will immediately start doing its magic.

This works by reducing the swelling due to its anti-inflammatory capabilities.

Presently, it’s being widely used for cleansing and purifying. You can go grab a bottle and place this in your first-aid kit as this is the perfect oil for skin injuries.



  • check
    100% Pure
  • check
    Antiseptic and Germicidal
  • check
    Clears Up Hemorrhoids


  • Bottle doesn’t come with a dropper

Everyone loves lavender! Woolzies gave the impression of a well-balanced and calm environment.

In today’s age, this is the most used essential oil because of its overall benefits.

Aside from it’s healing properties, it has a scent that’s able to help reduce stress and insomnia – a personal favorite.

Woolzies Pure Lavender Essential Oil


  • check
    Excellent Aroma
  • check
    Fabric Freshener and Deodorizer
  • check
    Pure Lavender Essential Oil
  • check
    Reduce Anxiety Stress and Insomia


  • Aroma is soothing, but it doesn’t stay long

You’re able to use this for a remedy of muscle pain, rheumatism, and injuries.

Helichrysum gymnocephalum is best for cell growth.

This also has the components that makes it anti-inflammatory and antiallergenic which makes it a wise choice against hemorrhoids.



  • check
    High Quality Therapeutic Grade
  • check
    Used for Muscular Aches, Pains and Wounds
  • check
    Promotes Cell Growth


  • It needs to be labeled better

Frankincense functions generally for relaxing the nervous system.

It is also a reliable oil that’s able to eliminate bacteria that’s causing infection, and it functions as an effective cleanser. Also, it promotes faster regeneration of tissues.



  • check
    Ideal for Cleansing
  • check
    Eliminates bacteria
  • check
    Faster Regeneration
  • check
    Antibacterial Capabilities


  • Bottle isn’t entirely secured that may cause to leak during travels

An impressive oil that acts to kill bacteria while reducing inflammation.

Fungal infections aren’t able to withstand against Patchouli Oil. This is also effective for treating wounds and injuries.

Lastly, it’s able to tighten loose skin – ideal for people who have a bit of excess skin – as it works as a cell generator.



  • check
    Reduces Inflammation
  • check
    Generates Cells
  • check
    Treating Wounds
  • check


  • Its smell is a bit off – doesn’t give the Patchouli smell completely

This oil specializes in treating external hemorrhoids. This is able to help relax the muscles, relieving it from tension and pain.

When applied to a certain area, its function is to aid in stress reduction.

Since Juniper is a natural detoxifier, blood flow will become warmer.

Juniper Berry


  • check
    Treating External Hemorrhoids
  • check
    Relieves Tension and Pain
  • check
    Stress Reduction
  • check
    Natural Tonic and Detoxifier


  • Smell may sometimes come off as too sharp for some people

This is relatively popular in Australia to the point where you can easily locate them in their cabinets.

The reason behind it is because Niaouli is perfect for easing down the pain. It can do that by numbing down the area in question.

This assists in promoting circulation, cleansing, and strengthening of blood vessel.



  • check
    Eases Aches, Pains and Poor Circulation
  • check
    Strengths Blood Vessel
  • check
    Provides Cleansing


  • Aroma is a bit bitter

Chamomile is able to soothe irritation on the skin and reduce hemorrhoid swelling.

It also gives aid to the formation of new tissue. Moreover it has a numbing effect on nerves so it’s a great, natural alternative to painkillers. Highly recommended brand for its calming and pain-relief properties!



  • check
    Soothes Inflammation
  • check
    Formation of New Tissue
  • check
    Numbs the Nerves


  • May cause nausea if you’re not accustomed to Chamomile fragrance

A versatile oil that can be used by anyone – you may use this as a cleanser and antiseptic! If your skin is quite sensitive and you’re very particular about skin products, this Sandalwood essential oil is mild and gentle enough for most skin types.

Sandalwood is also made to soothe hyperactivity so it’s a great calming essential oil as well.



  • check
    Antiseptic, Cleanser
  • check
    Soothes Hyperactivity
  • check
    Used On All Skin Types


  • The price is higher than usual

What are Hemorrhoids?

Personally, this is not a topic I’d want to discuss face-to-face. Hemorrhoids almost always falls under the embarrassing category, and it’s not exactly a topic anyone would want to discuss over dinner.

But the fact that people don’t talk about it that much, could lead to an even greater danger. Being aware of what it is before anything happens to you could help prevent it from happening.


Hemorrhoids has a number of causes. It occurs when you’re repeatedly straining the veins around lower rectum.

Dr. Mercola stated that the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases has conducted a study that showed over half of the population in the U.S are more likely to experience hemorrhoids by the age of 50.

So yes, people. Don’t force that last remaining bowel to go out – it’ll eventually get bored of hanging, and will leave.

In this case scenario, sometimes pushing yourself to the limit doesn’t create masterpieces.

Three Types Of Hemorrhoids

You need to be familiar with the three types of Hemorrhoids – internal, thrombosed, and external. Depending on what you’ve been doing, what triggered it to happen, and the symptoms you’ve been experiencing, will dictate on which type of Hemorrhoids you’re currently having.

But most importantly, these types are determined by where it is located.


You won’t be able to physically tell that you have hemorrhoids as this type is secretly hidden inside your rectum – lovely, isn’t it? You usually won’t feel any discomfort from this type.

However, this type can be irritated when you’re either pooping or peeing. This is when you’ll start to experience discomfort as its surface will be compromised, and it’ll start bleeding.

But on rare special occasions, hemorrhoids have more surprises in store. An internal hemorrhoid is able to push through the anal opening, when this happens, protruding takes place.

You’ll experience pain and irritation once it occurs.


You’ll be able to tell that these are here rather easily than compared to Internal Hemorrhoids. External Hemorrhoids are found below the skin that surrounds the anus.

The reason why they’re easy to detect is because you’ll notice you’ve been bleeding suddenly – for girls, it is different bleeding from that time of the month.

Also, you’re able to detect lumps around the anus. These bumps are usually inflamed.

Thrombosed hemorrhoids

In extreme cases, clot is formed due to a severe experience of an external hemorrhoid where a pool of blood is being created. In my personal opinion, this is the least I would want to have – never again, I say.

You’re going to experience severe swelling, inflammation, and pain. And as if that’s not enough, there’s a solid lump around your anus. Gross!

Causes of Hemorrhoids

By now, I’m pretty sure you don’t want to experience any discomfort that’s connected to hemorrhoids. Luckily for you, you’ll be able to take precautions as to avoid these unwanted uneasiness from happening.

Going back to the definition of Hemorrhoids, it’s the result of putting strain around the veins of your anus. Here are some specific causes:

1. Forcing Yourself To Strain When Moving Your Bowel

It’s not as if anyone wants it to happen, right? But there are cases where you just have to. Two of the reasons why you’re forced to strain yourself is because severe cases of constipation or diarrhea.

2. Taking Forever On The Toilet Seat

You might have your cellphone with you in the CR, maybe there’s internet too, and if you’re really prepared, you might have brought your power bank with you.

Yes, I know what it means – unlimited time in your safe haven!

Unfortunately, I’m afraid your safe haven, isn’t that safe at all. You might have been too busy on Reddit to notice that you’re actually straining your butt.

As much as possible, don’t do it as often as you’d like to.

3. Obesity

Carrying that extra weight, in general, is bad for you. However, hemorrhoids only make it worse. Being heavier than you should be would mean you’re putting in more pressure than you needed, making your health complications more complicated.

4. Pregnancy

Holding a growing baby in your tummy for a whole 9 months is not a joke – you have to take care of the growing baby inside your tummy and you have to take care of yourself.

Inconveniently, as the baby grows, it increasingly adds pressure to your uterus making you a candidate of experiencing hemorrhoids.

The worst part is, you’ll only be able to resolve the issue after your delivery.

5. Heavy lifting

You might be telling yourself, ‘Wow, I get hemorrhoids if I get fat and if I lift weights.’ That’s not really what I’m trying to point out, but in a way, yes. You do.

As much as I appreciate weightlifting more than the next guy, don’t strain yourself. I know it’s tempting to work on your squats – if you do legs – but do it with weights you know you can lift. Not with what you feel you can.

6. Anal intercourse

Well, you know. When a big train enters a small cave, you end up destroying the cave, right? Okay…moving on.

Symptoms of Hemorrhoids

I’m going to give you a quick overview on what you’re going to be experiencing when you have hemorrhoid. When it’s internal, you can’t exactly tell them right away. However, the moment that it has been pushed out, you’ll experience the following:

  • check
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    Burning sensation

Preventing Yourself from Hemorrhoids

stopThe old saying always goes, “Prevention is better than cure.” While it’s a common knowledge that Hemorrhoids isn’t at all life-threatening – it’s just really gross – we can’t just stay chill and do nothing about it.

In a couple of days’ time, it will go away on its own, if the case isn’t severe. However, when it does call for attention, you might have to suffer a little bit longer than you have to.

And in some circumstances, it calls for surgery.

Genetics sometimes play a part of hemorrhoids, and in this case, experiencing hemorrhoids is predictable. If your parents – either one or both – have experienced hemorrhoids, and it’s a reoccurring problem for them, chances are you’re more likely to undertake the same thing.

Unfair as it may seem, but it shouldn’t give you an excuse of not taking precautions. As a matter of fact, it should motivate you, more than anything.

Here are ways where you can start fighting off Hemorrhoids:

Go for fiber-rich foods

Changing your eating habits and converting into vegetables can make your stool pass through your body without discomfort. For proper nutrition, you might want to check what the best nutritional plan is for you.

Your body might experience bloating and gas if getting your daily fiber isn’t part of your daily regime. When this happens, remember to just continue loading up fiber as your body is just adapting to the change.

Don’t worry, it will be able to adjust in a couple of days or so.

Control yourself

Emotional stress is one of the things that contributes to constipation. The good news is that you’re able to ask help from Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to effectively control yourself while reducing the pain from hemorrhoid flare-ups.

Drink enough water

By checking out the color of your urine, you’ll be able to tell if you’re on the right track or not. If thirsty, don’t grab a can of soda, but drink your glass of water instead.

If you manage to make this into your habit, your stool will be evidently softer for an easier disposal – no need to strain.

Daily Exercise

Getting in shape has a lot of other benefits to than just keeping your digestive tract stimulated. Once you’ve allowed yourself to change for a healthier lifestyle, you’ll be encouraged to do more, eat healthier, and live longer.


High Quality probiotic allows your body to have a well-balanced gut bacteria that functions as a remedy to constipation. Also, it boosts your body’s system completely.

Getting Rid Of The Pain On Your Own

Once you already have it, you can’t exactly get rid of the pain right away. Especially so if you’re going to do it on your own. But there are ways wherein you can do it to reduce the pain or pain relief.

These are simple steps that you can follow when you have hemorrhoids.

Shorter toilet breaks

In the first place, there’s a possible reason why you’re in this situation is because you stay too long. Make sure to leave right away after you’ve done your business.

Move your bowel right away

This should always be the case even if you don’t have hemorrhoids. But assuming that you have it now, it would be best to do it as soon as possible to prevent the scenario from getting worse.

Get a small stool

No, you don’t sit on it. This is for the intention of putting your feet up on the stool so you’ll be able to change the position of your rectum while you’re doing your business.

Take a fiber supplement

There are supplements which are rich in fiber that you can take to make your stool softer. For assistance, consult your doctor. They’re likely to prescribe psyllium and methylcellulose.

Also, for home remedy, you may consume a tablespoon of mineral oil as it can also make it softer.

Are Essential Oils Any Good?

OilAbsolutely! The best essential oils are able to significantly reduce your discomfort. Essential oils have special components that work marvelously for treating hemorrhoids.

These components are certain vitamins, enzymes, and anti-inflammatory materials that’s made to treat it perfectly.

Don’t worry, you’re not doing any damaging to your body, essential oils are safe for you. One could even say that they’re essential.

Okay, that was a bad joke.

Going back to the topic, these special oils are easier to absorb by your anal canal. It’s simple math really: Faster absorption = Faster treatment.

What Can It Do?

They’re able to do a couple of things when they’re not being abused. And they’re pretty easy to apply, too! Not to mention, putting it on your skin is one heck of an adventure you’ll never forget!

Here’s some of the things that it’s able to do:

Stronger Blood Vessels

Treating the ailment isn’t enough. If used regularly, it strengthens your blood vessels to prevent you from experiencing it again – doesn’t sound like a bad deal, right?

Revitalize Abrasions and Cracks

The type of your hemorrhoids, whether it may be internal or external, doesn’t matter. The best essential oil is able to rejuvenate the damage in a timely manner.

Blood circulation repair

It gets your blood circulation up and running once again to lessen swelling and constriction. Without it, it’ll even be more of a mess as it’s going to promote severe swelling if left unattended in some cases.

Reduce Swelling

The best essential oils have one thing in common, and that’s being anti-inflammatory. It’s able to revert back the veins to its usual size, reducing the swelling in return.

Wrapping Things Up: What’s The Best Essential Oils for Hemorrhoids?

Oils are interesting things, they’re able to treat our ailments easily – and they have tons of other uses! You’ll be able to use them on ticks, insects, shoe deionizer, and many more.

Each contain unique qualities that allows them to be highly distinct from the others. Honestly, all of them are useful, and I’m having a hard time myself.

But in order to get one that you need – unless you want to get them all – you have to think on what its usage is for. Are you going to use it on hemorrhoids? Or something else?

Or maybe you want an oil that has multiple functions so you could use it on different situations?

It’s your pick.

As we are dealing with oils and scents, you should always choose an oil that has captured your fragrance.

Do not force yourself on something that you’re going to hate, that’s why you have to read on the review in order to tell if it’s the best essential oil for you.

For the purpose of wanting you to get the best essential oil in the market, along with the different recipes you can do with it, you may refer it to this video.