Essential Oils: Chamomile Oil

The apple-scented chamomile essential oil is a popular natural sedative that is used across the world. It is derived by extracting all of the beneficial compounds from the chamomile flower.

Chamomile was first used in antiquity by the ancient Egyptians who revered the medicinal qualities of chamomile oil. The ancient Egyptians also used chamomile oil for mummification due to its ability to preserve.

I have created this guide to enlighten you on the many uses and benefits of chamomile essential oil!


What is Chamomile Oil?

Chamomile can be considered as one of the most ancient medicinal herbs known to mankind. There are countless different preparations of chamomile that have been developed over the centuries, the most popular of these preparations is comes in the form of herbal tea.

Many people are not aware that the essential oil that comes from chamomile is even more effective than the tea and is just as easy to use!

You can get all the benefits of chamomile from the essential oil derived from it by vaporizing it at home or applying it topically to your skin.

Chamomile oil is extracted from the flowers of the chamomile plant which is very popular as an ornamental plant.

There are two main types of chamomile plants that are used in making chamomile oil and these are the roman chamomile (Chamaemelum nobile) and the german chamomile (Matricaria Chamomilla).

Although the essential oils that are extracted from the two different species are similar, their composition is different and the specific qualities of the two oils are worth being specified.

Roman chamomile oil is composed of alpha pinene, beta pinene, camphene, caryophyllene, sabinene, myrcene, gamma terpinene, pinocarvone, farnesol, cineole, propyl angelate, and butyl angelate.

German chamomile oil, on the other hand, is composed of azulene (also called chamazulene), alpha bisabolol, bisabolol oxide-a & b, and bisabolene oxide-a.

Roman chamomile oil is more calming and it works better as an emmenagogue, whereas german chamomile oil is a powerful inflammatory agent due to the presence of the compound azulene.

The Uses of Chamomile Oil

Roman chamomile oils are easily identifiable thanks to its light blue color. It is mostly known for its antifungal and antispasmodic properties. Like its german counterpart, roman chamomile oil is extremely effective for inflammation on the skin.

Arthritis, headaches, migraines, colds, and many other different health issues can all be relieved with roman chamomile essential oil!

Roman chamomile oil is also a calming agent that can be used as a sedative. It aids sore muscles well and is useful for teething, temper tantrums, and colic in children.

German chamomile oil is deep blue in color due to the presence of the compound chamazulene. This compound promotes healthy skin and helps fight skin problems.

This version of chamomile oil is more potent and is rich in active ingredients that stimulate the liver, kidney, and gallbladder making it perfect for use as a diuretic. German chamomile oil is a better anti-inflammatory agent than its roman counterpart due to the presence of high levels of Azulene.

It is perfect for women who are suffering from menopause or PMS!

I have listed below the other awesome benefits that come with the use of both roman and german chamomile oil:

Antiseptic, Antibiotic, Disinfecant, Bactericidal & Vermifuge

Both varieties of chamomile essential oil have good natural antiseptic and antibiotic properties which do not let biotic infections develop within the body. Chamomile oil also eliminates the infections that are already present.

The oil also has the ability to kill various types of intestinal worms.

If you apply chamomile oil to your scalp, it can kill lice and mites keeping the hair and scalp free from potential infections and parasites.


Stimulant and Antidepressant

German and roman chamomile essential oil have been seen to be very effective in fighting depression and raising spirits.

The oil eliminates sadness, disappointment, sluggishness, and depression while inducing a happy positive feeling.    

Stimulant and Antidepressant

Anti-inflammatory & Sedative

Roman chamomile essential oil has been found to be effective in calming down negative emotions such as anger and annoyance, particularly in children.

German chamomile oil, on the other hand, has been found to be effective in curing inflammation. The anti-inflammatory properties of german chamomile oil can best be seen when the inflammation is located the digestive or urinary system.

Anti-inflammatory & Sedative

Antirheumatic & Antiphlogistic

Both types of chamomile oil cure dysfunctions of the circulatory system and stimulate circulation which detoxifies the blood of many toxins.

The elimination of bodily toxins helps cure ailments such as arthritis and rheumatism which are caused by improper circulation and the accumulation of uric acid.

Antirheumatic & Antiphlogistic

Analgesic & Antineuralgic

The analgesic properties of german and roman chamomile oil effectively reduce pain in muscles and joints, as well as relieve headaches, sinuses, bone injuries, and toothaches.

Both oils are also extremely effective in relieving mild to severe pain caused by neuralgia by constricting the blood vessels that surround the ninth cranial nerve.

Analgesic & Antineuralgic


Roman and german chamomile oil are both very good at making your body expel gas from the stomach and the intestines. The expulsion of gas aids the body to relax and lower blood pressure.

Chamomile essential oil also eliminates the risk of having excess gas which can sometime prove to be fatal.


Other Benefits

Chamomile essential oils are anti-allergenic which means that they can help effectively rid the body of acne by removing toxins and cleaning sebaceous and eccrine glands through sweating.

As a diuretic, the two chamomile essential oils can cleanse the urinary system by stimulating urination which in turns detoxifies the blood.

Both oils can aid in curing viral infections like mumps and measles and can be used in mouth washes in order to eliminate oral infections and keep bad breath away

Other Benefits

Precautions that Should be Taken When Using Chamomile Oil

It is generally safe to use chamomile essential oil but it would not hurt if you do a patch test before using chamomile oil just to see if you're allergic to it. It is also advised that you mix the oil with a carrier oil like olive oil before topically applying it to your skin.

If you are allergic to plants like daisies, marigolds, and ragweed it is advised that you never use chamomile oil.

It is not also advised to use chamomile oil if you are lactating or pregnant as it may result in an unwanted impact on your pregnancy.

In Conclusion

Both types of chamomile oil have a plethora of benefits that you may utilize to your advantage. The countless health benefits that you may attain from chamomile are sure to entice you to purchase yourself a bottle!