The Wondrous Health Benefits of Cinnamon Bark

Ever passed by a local bakeshop and stopped to smell that aromatic, sweet and fragrant scent? You may have just fell in love with the ever famous whiff that Cinnamon bark gives. Aside from complementing your favourite pastry bread, cinnamon bark apparently has several more surprising benefits.

Learn more about the wondrous health benefits of cinnamon bark in our article.

Cinnamon Bark

Cinnamon Bark: An Overview

Known for its warm, aromatic, spicy yet sweet scent, Cinnamon has been used in a variety of cuisines more often in pastries and cakes. There are a lot of forms of cinnamon used in the pastry industry with the bark being most popularly used.

Unknown to most people, Cinnamon bark has been used medically across the globe for several years already. It is used across many cultures because of its several health benefits. mentions in his article about Cinnamon that among twenty-six of the most popular herbs in the world, Cinnamon lands in the top spot thanks to its distinctive taste and smell as well as the numerous health benefits.

According to, the cinnamon bark contains several compounds such as cinnamaldehyde, cinnamate and cinnamic acid that power the wondrous healing powers of this herb.

Aside from the bark, you can also harness the healing powers of its extract and essential oils wherein special phenolic elements and antioxidants can be isolated.

Nutritional Benefits of Cinnamon Bark

Aside from it being a good complementary spice to your favourite dishes and pastries, Cinnamon bark also gives you a sound and healthy body.

According to USDA National Nutrient Database, Cinnamon is a good source of nutrients and vitamins such as potassium, iron, calcium, manganese, fat, sugar, protein and a good dose of fiber. Whew! That many.

A single 1 tablespoon serving of Cinnamon bark contains 1.4 mg of manganese which suffices up to 75% of the daily requirement. This is important to mention since there are not so many food sources that contain manganese.

Cinnamon, as you may already notice is characteristically low in fat and sugar without ever compromising on taste and scent it brings along.

Other Health Benefits of Cinnamon Bark

We already established the fact that Cinnamon bark has several dietary and nutritional benefits. As mentioned above, cinnamon has been used for several centuries across different cultures for various medical purposes. Here are the most common health benefits of cinnamon bark:

Have antioxidant properties

Have antioxidant

Probably the most common medical use of cinnamon is its ability to detoxify our bodies of unwanted substances and compounds. When these toxic substances deposit themselves into our organs at alarming levels, this results in deleterious effects on our health.

Aside from ridding our bodies of toxic substances, the protective antioxidants found in Cinnamon can also slow down the aging process,  giving you a young healthy glow for years.

This ability of cinnamon bark can be attributed to what we call polyphenols, phenolic acids as well as flavonoids. These compounds can also be found in superfoods such as red wine, dark chocolate, and berries.

Also, these compounds work hand in hand in reducing oxidative stress by scavenging free radicals. The diseases that can be avoided include brain damage, cancer, heart diseases among many others.

Maintaining sugar levels

Although not yet established nor proven in clinical trials, several types of researches have found out that cinnamon bark is able to lower or maintain sugar levels at a normal level. In fact, cinnamon is used in some countries as a neuropathy to treat type 2 diabetes according to American Diabetes Association.

Maintaining sugar levels

Promotes heart health

Promotes heart health

Aside from its effect in diabetes, cinnamon bark has been found to promote heart health by lowering levels of cholesterol.

Studies have shown that cinnamon reduced triglycerides by 30 percent while bad cholesterol was reduced by  27 percent and lastly, total cholesterol was lowered to 26 percent. This study was done by the American Diabetes Association.

Anti Inflammatory Effects

Researches done on cinnamon bark have also discovered seven kinds of flavonoid compounds that have anti inflammatory effects in the body. Intensified or chronic inflammation of various organs of the body can lead to serious health conditions which include shock or even death.

Because of this, it can be beneficial to persons who suffer from constant swelling and inflammation from muscle soreness, PMS, arthritis and alleviating allergic reactions to name a few.

Anti Inflammatory Effects
Promoting brain health

Numerous researchers have also documented the natural effects of cinnamon bark in maintaining good brain health. With its antioxidant compounds, it can help combat against brain disorders such as Parkinson’s disease.

According to, cinnamon bark possesses neuro protective proteins and compounds that protect neurons from degenerating thereby preserving normal cognitive function and brain health.

Because of the unsurmountable oxidative stress our brain is subjected to every day in our environment, it helps that cinnamon bark promotes brain health without the serious side effects that common drugs cause.

Its anti-aging properties also help people compact degenerating neurological conditions such as Alzheimer’s for older individuals.

Has antibiotic and antifungal properties

Cinnamon bark is also useful in defending our bodies of foreign substances and microorganisms that cause infection and various diseases in our body.

The essential oils of the cinnamon bark have natural immune boosting abilities. With this,  it helps  us have a more robust immune response to foreign substances without the possibility of damaging our own cells.

It can help combat several bacteria, viruses and fungi known to cause disease and infection in man.

Has antibiotic and antifungal properties

As mentioned above, cinnamon bark has several health benefits. Not only are they effective in making fragrant, sweet bread and other pastries but they also give you numerous health wonders.

Aside from being heavy in supplementing essential vitamins and minerals needed by the body, they also possess antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties while promoting good heart and brain function.

It’s never to late to bask in the wondrous healing wonders o f cinnamon bark. You might have one in your kitchen cabinet, take it out and realize how wonderful cinnamon bark is to your health.

For more information about cinnamon bark and its health benefits, check out this video by health blogger Ryan Taylor.